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Updated: Jul 27, 2021


The Morant Bay High School Alumni Association, Atlanta Chapter had our eight annual Scholarship Fundraising Ball on Saturday, September 21, 2019, at the JVC Event’s Center in Lilburn.

This event was successful and well attended. This year my gratitude extends for eight years, including this year’s function as it marks the end of my role as VP for 4years and President for the last four years as our Bylaws’ term-limit requires.

I want to thank our Executive committee and non-executive members who have contributed their efforts to see this project through. Special thanks to our Honorary Consul of Jamaica in Atlanta, Dr. Elaine Grant-Bryan and Mr. Gregory Bryan (The Elaine Bryan Foundation), our excellent guest speaker, The Honorable Dr. Fenton Ferguson, MP of Eastern St. Thomas and our MC, Mr. Wayne L. Hall.

In addition, I would like to thank the following leaders/executives from various charity organizations: Mr. Tony Gray and his executive team (Atlanta Jamaica Association), Mr. Karl Chambers, Dr. Chris Parker (Integrity Children Fund), Dr. Yvonne Smith and Dr. Dwight Blake (Atlanta Montego Bay Sister Cities Committee ), Suzette Arnold (JamCham), Dr. Conrad Ingram (Benevolent Missions of Atlanta), Ms. Donna Denton Hall , St. Hugh’s High School Alumnae., Ms. Sharon White of Wolmers Alumni, many other alumni members, and former Honorary Consul of Jamaica in Atlanta, Attorney Jewel Scott.

Thanks go out also to DJ-Redds, PHD Jazz Band, JVC Center and Solution With Flair. Also, singer extraordinaire E. Parry Hinds, Dr. Lincoln Ferguson, Dr. Andrea White McNeil who presented the guest speaker, and Robert Ritchie who created the idea of our Atlanta Chapter and has supported us since its inception.

Special Thanks to numerous donors, advertisers, and sponsors of our scholarship program for 2019: Mr. Alan Stewart, Dr. Yvonne Smith, Dr. Dwight Blake, and many others.

To Howard Jackson, President-elect, a very special thanks for all that you do particularly as Florida Representative to the Atlanta Chapter. I wish you all the best. My commitment to helping in whatever way I can is available.

Our functions this weekend and over the years have been well supported by so many people (some of whom traveled a great distance to be with us) as well as organizations without whom we would not have had the level of success that we had. We are grateful for all your support.

Finally, to my beloved Rev. Dr. Maxine Osbourne Foster, who always make a difference in everything that I do, and of course, an indispensable member of the executive team.

We look forward with great anticipation for a much higher level of success in our future endeavors and our ninth anniversary ball next year.

Carpe Diem

Dr. D. Terrence Foster

Immediate Past President

MBHS Alumni Association – Atlanta Chapter


Dr. D Terrence Foster, President; Michael McNeil, VP; Marjorie Thomas-Lewars, Secretary; Elaine Gibson-Clarke, Asst. Secretary; Lennox Douglas, Treasurer; Myrtle Dougall-Reid, Asst. Treasurer; Rev. Dr. Maxine Osbourne Foster, PRO & Scholarship Chair; Howard Jackson, Florida Rep; Hilbert Robinson, Special Advisor.

Most of these photos by Atlanta Photographer Network.

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